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Popup with time countdown

You can easily put well customized countdown timer into your own popup without any scripts or external tools.

Note: You have to switch Mailocator Extensions on at your campaign preferences

Define your countown simply by following attributes of DIV (or any block type) element:

<div class="mlctr-ext-countdown" data-end="20170630150000" v="Oops, campaign has been finished!">
<span class="day"></span> days,
<span class="hour"></span> hours,
<span class="min"></span> minutes
<span class="sec"></span> seconds left

At first simply create countdown parent element:
place DIV element on proper place at your popup source code, add class called mlctr-ext-countdown
set countown date and time by attrribute data-end in following format YYYYMMDDHHMMSS
set message to display when time has been reached into attribute data-end-message

Into element with class name mlctr-ext-countdown insert tags where time till the end will be displayed:
place SPANs (or any inline/block types) with classnames day, hour, min and sec
customize your design by timer class names