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Display direct link to visitors email vendor service

You can easily display link to email vendor to increase conversion rate, using this feature in:
Thank you message or Thank you popup
Reminder (strictly recommended)

Note: You have to switch Mailocator Extensions on at your campaign preferences

At first define vendors list in your popup code:

<input type="hidden" name="mlctr-email-vendor-1" data-vendor-name="Yahoo" data-vendor-domain="" data-vendor-url="" />

<input type="hidden" name="mlctr-email-vendor-2" data-vendor-name="GMail" data-vendor-domain="" data-vendor-url="" />

<!-- place more mlctr-email-vendor-X hidden inputs here ... -->

You can place so much vendors as you want, every following input must have increased serial number of it's name - name="mlctr-email-vendor-1"

Following parameters are required:
data-vendor-name - name of email vendor, any string is accepted
data-vendor-domain - domain name behind @ in email address, ie. or
data-vendor-url - target url you want to redirect visitor to check and confirm email message

Next place somewhere in your popup following code

<span class="mlctr-email-vendor-link" style="visibility:hidden"><a href="%url%" target="_blank">Přejít na stránky %name%</a></span>

This code will be displayed only if user's email vendor is on your previously defined list of supported vendors.
If vendor is found, %url% and %name% is replaced with proper content given in vendor list.
This element has mandatory class name and style property.

In other cases this code stays unvisible.