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MailChimp - How to use MERGE fields?

On MailChimp side

login to MailChimp
click on Lists and choose the list you want to use in Mailocator
click on Settings > List fields and *|MERGE|* tags

click on Add A Field button and name the following fields:

enter Field label used as column description at your list
enter name of your input into the Put this tag... column, take a look to an example named COLOR

On Mailocator side

login to Mailocator
choose campaign and open Design application
choose design based on the custom code (or you can convert stock design into the code)
open code editor and type simple code with input tag like:

add prefix opt_ to the merge field name, so you have to type opt_COLOR according MailChimp example above
(opt_ prefix is necessary for processing any custuomized fileds by Mailocator; read more)

NOTE: you can debug your code using console where you can check your inputs and processing results