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Gathering data from external resources

You can deliver over Mailocator more than standard inputs.
Mailocator enables gathering data from external resources as dataLayer, cookies, html elements, geolocation and more.


You can get data from (GTM generated) dataLayer using double brackets notation, take a look to example:

dataLayer = [{
'pageCategory': 'accommodation',
'pageLocation': 'Paris',

And now you can use this source to customize your popup:

<div class="my-popup-content">
Are you looking for {{pageCategory}} in {{pageLocation}}?

<!-- you can also deliver such data to your ESP's contact list -->
<input type="hidden" name="opt_usersLocationInterest" value="{{pageLocation}}" />

Result in your popup:

Are you looking for accommodation in Paris?

If subscribed, you can also find value Paris in your subscribes list in field called usersLocationInterest.