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Verification checkbox - confirm agreement

You can easily deploy verification ceckbox to force user to confirm processing popup form.
Simpy place whenever into your popup code following input with the checkbx type and class name called as mlctr-verification

<input type="checkbox" name="mlctr-verification" /> Confirm request<br/>

Checkbox input with class name mlctr-verification must be checked before successful submit, otherwise form stay unsubmitted.

Optional message / alert

You can display optional message to user, if following DIV (or other inline/block element) is defined with classname mlctr-verification-alert

<div class="mlctr-verification-alert">Please confirm your request before sumbit</div>

If user try to submit form with unchecked checkbox, optional message class name is expanded to mlctr-verification-alert display
You can modify the classnames to create display/hide effect, highliting, emphasization or other visual effect.

<div class="mlctr-verification-alert display">Please confirm your request before sumbit</div>