Technická podpora

Subscribtion box as a widget

You can place Mailocator subscribe box widget somwhere into your page (i.e. at footer)

Create your design

at first crate box in designer, you can also use one of readymade templates
remember design ID number (to obtain ID click to Properties in Designer)
if you wish, you can design another one as your fully customized "thank you" box

Place subscribtion box into your pages

Find proper place in your page layout you wish to see subsribtion box
If you not familiar with HTML, ask your webmaster to help
Find DIV (or another block type element) on your page, attach ID property if not set
Append onload event to place your subscribtion box to the defined DIV:

<div id="EmailSubscribtionBar">
   <!-- here I wish to place subscribtion box -->

<!-- attach Mailocator design id "12345" to div id "EmailSubscribtionBar" -->
   window.onload = function(){'placeToElementId:12345,EmailSubscribtionBar')


Customized "thank you" box?

Snippet versiom 3.0+ is required

if you wish, you can design another box as your fully customized "thank you" message
remember "thank you" design ID  (to obtain ID click to Properties in Designer)
convert first box to custom code
find the <form> element and replace onsubmit property with the following statement:

<form onsubmit="return'subscribe|replace|displayID:12346')" id="MailocatorForm">

replace 12346 with ID of your thank you design box