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How to create webhook?

What is webhook

Webhook is simple script on your site, which accepts data delivered directly from Mailoctor and process it. This way you can process contacts and others popup form fields.

How to use webhook

Simply put your script name to Mailocator webhook settings, choose data delivery method and make sure, your return codes works well.

Supported HTTP methods

Mailocator can deliver data thru the folloeing methods: GET, POST and PUT

Return codes

We have to know the results of data processing on your site, so we can display proper result message to Mailocator user.
Following results codes are supported and required:


Form/Email has been successfuly accepted
Form/Email has duplicate content
Any case of server error
Display custom message
Mailocator action
Display defined Thank you message
Display defined Duplicate message
Display defined Error message
Display returned data from server (HTML code)
Note, that this return can't be used as success message.